ARBOLA uses a certified process from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Certified Project Management Professionals to help federal, state, local, and private organizations and agencies to management small, medium, and large projects.  We have years of real, practical experience overseeing, monitoring, and steering projects to successful conclusions.

  • Program Management - ARBOLA offers extensive experience complying with federal contractual obligations including earned value management, financial reporting, and schedule maintenance.  We have interfaced with clients at all levels from application users to OMB officers, Congressional staff members, and elected representatives.
  • Project Management -  ARBOLA uses standard certified templates and tools for all parts of a project’s anatomy — planning, requirements definition, design, development, testing, implementation, operations and maintenance.  After years of lessons learned, ARBOLA has tools that help identify and mitigate risk, prevent problems before they materialize, and correct any that do.
  • Earned Value Management -  ARBOLA helps organizations and agencies develop an early warning system for financial management.  It focuses on critical project planning and estimating, detailing a work breakdown structure, developing an integrated, baselined master schedule, identifying corrective actions immediately regarding cost, schedule, and scope, and reviewing project status and performance frequently.  Our professional reports help projects succeed.