Non Profits Overview

As a natural extension of our government services, ARBOLA has the opportunity to work with many Non Profit organizations.  This work can either involve customized solutions to meet the organizational management needs to run the non profit, or is a program extension to larger government programs and applications ARBOLA has designed or administrates. 


Community Reporting

ARBOLA has set up many non profit community reporting networks for government agencies and non profits to utilize.  These non profits and community based providers have the ability to report metrics, submit progress reports, invoicing and case data to the sponsoring government agency.

This approach provides both Government and the Non Profit the ability to administer local, community based services at a lower cost and yet provide rich reporting data and interaction with modern internet portal and mobile device interfaces.

Non Profits are able to continue to use their current systems and leverage just the reporting functions of the system.  The government still gains by receiving all data it needs to administer the program in a uniform way.

CRM and Case Management

Manage clients with providers in a case management systems with all of the relationship mapping and tracking of a CRM.  Systems allow for client intake through a portal or mobile device.  Signed authorizations in the field enable more to get done faster, and enable your staff to accomplish more with precious dollars.

Managing outcomes and reporting functions for grant tracking and program success are achieved in real time.  Supervisors and executive staff have visibility into the entire lifecycle of program work being provided.