Management Consulting

ARBOLA works with federal, state, local and private organizations and agencies to plan better organizations, maximize human potential, measure real outcomes, and streamline processes.  Our work includes improvements to some of the largest organizations in the world.  We remain focused on simplifying processes to achieve better outcomes that deliver better services at lower costs.

  • Strategic Planning.  ARBOLA helps organizations capture a vision and then manifest it in quantifiable objectives over one, three, and five year periods.  We help businesses and agencies define outcomes, not merely processes, to measure real results for real people, and then monitor those results over time to show real improvement.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.  ARBOLA conducts interviews and focus groups, and assembles relevant data to define existing business processes within an organization.  From the strategic plan, we then establish measurable, tactical objectives for the organization, and help redefine the business processes to achieve them.  Through this reengineering, ARBOLA produces a transition from an AS-IS state to a TO-BE state to minimize disruption, while maximizing human potential and the organization’s overall effectiveness.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis.  ARBOLA works with organizations to define the true costs of a unit, division, program, application, or system. We then aggregate the benefits, and provide a quantitative and qualitative comparison to demonstrate the worth of the program under study. From this analysis, decision-makers can better plan the future capital needs of their organization. Our analysis includes a full 360 degree review of benefits to all stakeholders, which allows our clients to generate support among internal groups, partners, clients, and other interested parties on what the change means to them.
  • Quality Assurance.  ARBOLA provides extensive quality assurance and testing for our clients.  The review ensures that system integrators have achieved technological milestones, functionality, integration, load, and user acceptance.  ARBOLA has quality assured small, medium, and large applications, programs, and system integrators.
  • IV&V.  ARBOLA provides Independent Verification and Validation services using IEEE standards.  This review yields a compliance checklist, allowing verification of intended requirements against actual achievement.